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Edward Santana: ''I come to help and to promote''

After join for Plasencia and after being one of the best players of last LEB Silver, with 15.1 points and 9.2 rebounds on average, we speak with Edward Santana, a few days before joining with his new team.


Plasencia will be the new team of Edward Santana. What do you expect from this new experience in LEB Silver?
I expect a very good year and also I will fight to ensure that all expectations that the team has achieved.

Overcoming 15.1 points and 9.2 rebounds average signing the last season in LEB Silver is a goal?
No, although obviously I hope to offer a very good performance. But my goal this year is clear that the team reaches the LEB Gold, because I sincerely believe that is the place it deserves.

You have a reputation for player with character in the court. What you view on this?
I have character on the court, because I think a player that I like to win always. I fight 100% and I am therefore very competitive. Sometimes that intensity can be confused with other things, but my intention is not to be a player never confrontational, but give all I have on the court.

Plasencia to get as substitute Jason Blair, taking into account the statistics of last year. Tired motivates this comparison?
Jason Blair is a magnificent player, but we are different players. I do not come to replace anyone, I come to put a grain of sand to the team reaches the LEB Gold. And for that I must give one hundred percent of my chances.

With a Spanish passport several years, do you re-LEB Gold plants or even ACB if possible?

Which player would not want to play in the LEB Gold or in the ACB, and I'm not least of course. But I am clear that I come to work in Plasencia. I have come to contribute to a project and yes, of course I want to return to the LEB Gold or ACB, and I will work to achieve. Because who does not work does not get anything.

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