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David Ugrekhelidze, with the Georgia National Team

The 2'07 center David Ugrekhelidze has been convened with the Georgia National Team, who will participate in the qualifying round of European Championship "B" in September.


David Ugrekhelidze is one of the centers who likes to stay inside the paint.

He invoked his great body to win his space, and although not stressed by excessive speed, rebounding and score easy, being near the decisive hoop.

Ugrekhelidze has been internationally by Georgia U17, U18, U20 and the NT Absolute, and has been champion of the League of Slovenia with Pivovarna Lasko, with the team that averaged 6.9 points and 3.3 rebounds in the ULEB Cup (7 points, 4 rebounds and 11 valoration against DKV Joventut), and also played the prestigious Adriatic League.

This season has been 07-08 Cup finalist with Nektar Borac Banja Luka in Bosnia, after the 06-07 season was chosen in five ideal of the first division of Georgia with Azoti Rustavi, in the same manner as the nikor previous year with TSU Tbilisi.

The roof of Ugrekhelidze, however, seems greater, since the 02-03 season came to move by Panionios Athens of Greece in the A1, after averaging 17.9 points and 8.9 rebounds in the then Korac Cup last season with the Slovenian team Slovan Ljubljana.

The planning and training involving Georgia National Team is as follows. During his stay in these countries, the player already has permission from the Basketball Federation of Georgia to conduct tryouts with teams who so wish:

5-13 August 2008: Trainings in Tblisi (Georgia)
August 14, 2008: Departure to Kiev (Ukraine)
15-16 August 2008: 2 friendly matches against Ukraine in Kiev
17-23 August 2008: Train in Istanbul (Turkey)
August 24, 2008: Departure for Riga (Latvia)
25-27 August 2008: International Tournament in Riga (Latvia) with the participation of Georgia, Latvia, France and Czech Republic
August 28, 2008: Departure to Vienna (Austria)
29-30 August 2008: 2 friendly matches against Austria in Vienna
August 31, 2008: Departure to Tblisi (Georgia)
September 5, 2008: Georgia - Luxembourg in Tbilisi / Georgia (Qualifying Round European Championship "B")
September 10, 2008: Ireland - Georgia in Dublin / Ireland (Qualifying Round European Championship "B")
September 13, 2008: Georgia - Slovakia Tlblisi / Georgia (Qualifying Round European Championship "B") 
September 17, 2008: Sweden - Georgia in Umea / Sweden (Qualifying Round European Championship "B")

See David Ugrekhelidze profile and video

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