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David Haro to CB Tacoronte (EBA) and Domènec Peret to Natzaret (1st Nat)

David Haro, 1'90 point guard and born in 1988 is already new CB Tacoronte player (EBA League), and Domènec Peret, 1'82 point guard too and born in 1985 will go to Natzaret (1st National Division in Catalonia where they have fighted for the promotion to EBA the last seasons).

David Haro is a 1'90 point guard born in 1988 who can also play like combo guard, thanks to a sensational 1vs1, with multiple offensive resources.

Haro is an electric player with good vision of the game and that in the 07-08 season has already played in the EBA League with CB Viladecans, being one of the revelations of the season and signing the most spectacular actions in group C (as shown in highlights) thanks to an impressive ability to jump.

Domènec Peret, new Natzaret player
Domènec Peret is able to penetrate and run, providing options to throw shooting guards and forwards having generated advantage in 1vs1.

In the 07-08 season he has played in 1st Catalan Division with the Sferic Terrassa where he finished with an average of about 14 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds per game, becoming one of the most influential point guards of the category.

View David Haro video and profile

View Domènec Peret video and profile

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