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D’Lesha Lloyd shines in Tarbes

D´Lesha Lloyd is shinning with Tarbes Basket Fémenin, averaging 14 points and 5.3 rebounds per game and helping her team to reach Ligue Femenine 2 top position, with an incredible streak of eleven consecutive wins.

Last Saturday, D´Lesha Lloyd had a strong performance again with 21 points, 8 rebounds and +20 efficiency contributing to Tarbes victory at Montbrison (64-69).

The American guard is coming off a great season with Portuguese Quinta dos Lombos, being the top scorer in FIBA Cup 2014-15 with an amazing 20.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game and reaching the Portuguese Division 1 Final, Federation Cup and Supercup.

We speak with D'Lesha few hours before her next game against Dunkerque:

D'Lesha, after playing so many seasons in different leagues and last year having a great season with Portuguese Quinta dos Lombos, being the top scorer in FIBA Cup 2014-15 with 20.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game, this is your first experience playing in France. How you have adapted to this new experience and how are you feeling on the court?

I have played on many teams so adapting is nothing new for me. My coach and team mates make adapting very easy, because they are more than kind and helpful people.

On the court the system is different than what I am used to. The coach is one of the best coaches I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He makes understanding the system easy.

Tarbes is in good shape currently in the top place of the competition and achieving eleven consecutive wins. How is the season going so far?

The season is going well. I am lucky to be on such a hard working team. Yes, we are at the top, but the coach keeps us level headed by continuing to let us know that it will only get harder.

Also, reassuring us that hard work is the only way that we will continue to win.

This current year you are playing well, being with Elodie Bertal the top scorers of the team and starting five in all games. How do you see your role in the team?

My role is simple it is to be aggressive on offense and defense. I have always been an aggressive player so it fits me well.

I am also to be a leader to my team mates by example.

After having so many experiences in different countries, there is little doubt your game and even your personality has evolved over the years. How do you feel now in comparison to your first years as a professional?

My first few years as a professional I was nervous but very anxious to play in another country. I chose not to speak to many people.

Later, I realized that the more you interact the better response you will receive from others. Now, I am very affable, and I enjoy people. I enjoy life.

At the beginning of September you arrived in Tarbes and started to practice. How were your first days in the city and how did the club and their supporters welcome you?

Tarbes isn't a great big city. It took me a week or two to know how to get to and from where ever I wanted to go.

The people here in Tarbes welcomed me as if I was family. I love it here! We have the best supporters and the most awesome fans!

In the following video you can watch D'Lesha's highlights of this current season: 

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