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Crook and Harvin´s Gernika KESB wins 5 in a row (+VIDEO)

Gernika KESB is having a excellent first season in LF2, with a 8 win 7 loses balance after chaining 5 games in a row.

Tynikki Crook is being a key contributor, averaging 16,6 points 8,8 rebounds 4,2 drawn fouls and 19,3 in efficiency while Alysha Harvin is averaging 13,5 points 4,6 rebounds and 2,1 assists, leading Mario Lopez´s backcourt.

After a first part of the competition in which Gernika KESB had to adapt to a new league, losing the first three games, the team from Vizcaya got their first win against Estudiantes (69-65) to fnish the ten first games with three wins.

From that point, win against Orion GDKO (52-61), Segle XXI (61-47), Bons Aires (42-88), Alcobendas (67-49) and Irlandesas (58-54), tied in seventh position and safe to stay in 2nd division.

Tynikki Crook is having a good performance, totalizing more than a third of the team´s efficiency and being dominant in positions close to the paint.

Tynikki is currently the sixth best scorer in the League,the seventh best rebounder (third in offensive rebounds), eleventh in drawn fouls, eigth in field goal percentage and the third best player in efficiency in the League.

Alysha Harvin is the fourteenth scorer in the League and the eight player with more three pointers scored.

Some of the best actions of Tynikki Crook and Alysha Harvin with Gernika KESB can be watched in the following video:

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