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Cristina Garcia signs with Mann Filter Zaragoza

Catalan guard Cristina García has signed with Mann Filter Zaragoza for the 2013-14 season, returning to the Club that she played for in the 2010-11 season, also under coach Alex Cebrián.

Cristina García is one of the best guards in Liga Femenina and arrives to Zaragoza after two great seasons with Cadí ICG Software in which she was a key piece in the best results in the Club´s history.

In the 2012-13 season, Cristina García averaged 7.6 points 2.9 rebounds and 7.9 efficiency per game.

Cristina Garcia is a 1'83 forward with experience in Spanish Second and First Division, where she was League Champion with UB Barcelona.

Cristina´s career started at Josep Tous from where she joined  La Salle Bonanova, being spanish U14 club champion and also communities champion both in U12 and U14.

Siglo XXI was her next stop and already in her first season there,  Cristina won the U16 European Championship and was Final MVP with 23 points.

In her last year at Siglo XXI, playing in Spanish 2nd division, Cristina García averaged  16.9 points per game .

After the fifth place in the U18 European Championship, Cristina Garcia signed with Sedis Cadi, in Spanish 1st division, signing with  Puig d'en Valls Ibiza in the next season, where she also played FIBA Cup.

After her first two seasons in 1st division, , Cristina signed with UB FC Barcelona and averaged 16 minutes per game in a team that won the Spanish League.

Later, Cristina Garcia signed with Femení Sant Adrià where she averaged  11,6 points and 3,8 rebounds in 25 minutes per game in her first year . becoming also Catalan League Championship after beating Sedis Cadí and Olesa.

Cristina stayed Sant Adrià during the 2007-08 season, averaging 11,7 points and 3,7 rebounds in 24 minutes per game.

Sant Adrià had a great season and qualifies for playoffs to move to 1st division and won again the Catalan League.

In her third season in Sant Adrià, Cristina Garcia reached again the Playoffs to 1st Division and won her third Catalan League .

Cristina averaged 13,8 points and 3,8 rebounds in 27 minutes per game.

Cristina Garcia stayed in Sant Adria during the 2009-2010 season and averaged 10,8 points and 3,7 rebounds in 28 minutes per game, being again Catalan League Champion and MVP of the final.

In the 2010-11 season, Cristina Garcia signed with Stadium Casablanca, averaging 10,7 points and 3,4 rebounds per game in 26 minutes, finishing the league in sixth position.

Cristina signed with Sedis Cadí in the 2011-12 season, returning to Spanish 1st division and averaging 9,4 points and 3,1 rebounds per game with 39,1% from the three point line.

Cristina shone with 13 points and 17 efficiency in 12 minutes against Sóller,  16 points and 14 in efficiency in the win against Mann Filter Zaragoza,  15 points and 19 in efficiency against Hondarribia Irún, 13 points and 4 rebounds against Perfumerias Avenida, 12 points and 6 rebounds against Ros Casares,  14 points 5 steals 5 assists and 15 in efficiency in the win against Rivas Ecópolis,  11 points 8 rebounds and 12 in efficiency in the other win against Mann Filter Zaragoza,  16 points and 4 three pointers in the win against Canarias and 13 points 6 rebounds 5 steals and 14 in efficiency in the win against Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca.

In the 2012-13 season, Cristina Garcia renews with Cadí ICG Software, averaging 7.6 points 2.9 rebounds and 7.9 in efficiency in 26 minutes per game, reaching the 4th position in Spanish League, the best of the Club´s history.


2001-2002 Siglo XXI (Spain-LF2): 32,4mpg 16,9 ppg 3,6rpg

2002-2003 Sedis Cadí (Spain-LF1): 18,6mpg 3,6 ppg 1,1rpg

2003-2004 Puig d'en Valls(Spain-LF1): 18,4mpg 3,8ppg 1,4rpg; FIBA Cup: 31 mpg 9,2 ppg 3,7 rpg

2004-2005 UB FC Barcelona(Spain-LF1): 16,3mpg 5,5 ppg 2,3rpg

2005-2006 UB FC Barcelona(Spain-LF1): 13,6mpg 4,3 ppg 1,7rpg

2006-2007 Femení Sant Adrià(Spain-LF2): 25,4mpg 11,6ppg 3,8rpg

2007-2008 Femení Sant Adrià(Spain-LF2): 24,1mpg 11,7ppg 3,7rpg

2008-2009 Femení Sant Adrià (Spain-LF2): 13,8ppg 3,8rpg in 27min

2009-2010 Femení Sant Adrià (Spain-LF2): 10,8ppg 3,7rpg in 28min

2010-2011 Stadium Casablanca (Spain-LF2): 10.7ppg 3.4rpg in 26min

2011-2012: Sedis Cadí (Spain-LF1): 9.4ppg 3.1rpg  in 29min  T3: 39,1%

2012-2013: Cadí ICG Software (Spain-LF1): 7.6ppg 2.9rpg 7.9eff in 26min


U16 European Championship 1999 (DIV A): 30,3 mpg 11,6ppg 2,1 rpg 48,6%T2 95,8%T1

U18 European Championship 2000 (DIV A) : 34,1 mpg 13,6 ppg 2,7 rpg 42,6% T2 52,9% T3 83,3% T1

U18 European Championship 2002 (DIV A): 24,9 mpg 10,5 ppg 2,1 rpg 34,4% T2 28,6% T3 70,2%

U20 European Championship 2004 (DIV A): 28,9 mpg 10,9 ppg 3,6 rpg 42,9% T2 22,2% T3 84,6 % T1


1st in Catalonian Championship U14 in 1998
1st in LF1 in 2005
Semifinal Cup in 2005
Catalan League in LF2 2006-2007
Catalan League in LF2 2007-2008
Classified to the promotion phase to LF1 in 2008
Starting five in LF2 in 2008
Catalan League in LF2 2008-2009
Catalan League in LF2 2009-2010
Playoffs to 1st division 2009

National Teams

1st in Spanish Championship U12, U14 and U16 with Catalonia
Gold Medal in U16 European Championship in 1999 with Spain
Starting five U16 European Championship in 1999
5th position in U18 European Championship in 2002 with Spain
9th position in U20 European Championship in 2002 with Spain

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