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Crista Ricketts, MVP of the week in spanish LF2

After the hard loss that ADBA Aviles suffered last weekend against Burgos, Yolanda Mijares team had her first win in this season beating in a home game Universidad de Valladolid by 86-65.
Crista Ricketts broke the efficiency record of this season in Liga Femenina 2 with 26 points and 12 rebounds (just three misses) that helped her to get 40 efficiency points in just 24 minutes per game.


We speak with her about her feelings in this start of season in Spain.
This is the third different country that you are playing in . How were your experiences in Portugal and in Austria and how are you adapting to Spain right now. Which differences and similarities you find?
I have been very fortunate so far in my playing career, to have been part of the clubs that I signed with. As far as management and the way my clubs were organized and coached- I have been pleased! My experiences From Portugal - Austria, and A summer in Australia have all taught me so much, on the basketball court and off. The biggest difference of these countries is the level of competition from here in Spain to Portugal and finally Austria are drastic! However,  really it is all about adjusting your game once you get to a different country; understand the level of competition and see what your team needs of you-what the coach expects and Ultimately, what needs to be done to win games! Similarities, goes without saying its basketball and no matter where you are in the world, you come to work hard and win!
Second official game this season and after the big defeat in Burgos, Aviles gets the first win.  How important for the team was this game?
This game was very important for us, we had such high expectations for ourselves and when we took the big defeat at Burgos- It kind of left us with a restless feeling. We let ourselves down and didn’t play as well as we had been all pre season. Anyway, we showed up at training working hard and very focused! We knew this team was young and not as talented as a "Burgos" team but we still have to respect this team and work hard so that we can be ready for the next big game. Even with this win we still have yet to show our true capabilities as a team!
Right now you have only played two league games in Spain but you already know some other teams that you played in preseason.  Which are your thoughts about the level in Second  division?
It maybe to early for me to answer this question but from what I have seen- You can expect that every game is going to be a battle! There are no easy games, here!
This year there is good expectation about Aviles chances after two years with not too good results, what do you think about your current team and its possibilities. What can you offer to the team?
I believe that this year Aviles is going to surprise alot of people! We have a really good group of girls here who are talented and always working hard. We want to win, we believe in ourselves and eachother- and once we fully mesh together. I believe we can be a top contender in this league.
Also this weekend you have been the MVP of the week.  How was the game individually for you and also what are your expectation in Spain.
The game for me was no different than any other game, I came ready to play with my team and do what was neccesary to get the win! I had an awful game against Burgos, didnt rebound well or do anything well for that matter. So I just wanted to try and do as much as I could for my team, I hate the feeling when I feel that I let them down- and that is how I felt after the first loss(Burgos) ... My expectations are to work individually harder than I ever have before, so that I can be the best player I am capable of- to help my team reach its goals!
To finish, one wish as a player for this season.
Finish top 4 here and win as many games as possible.

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