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Cris García and Olga Ruano MVP's of the week

The Marina Besos Sports Hall in  Sant Adrià enjoyed last Saturday afternoon from two brilliant individual performances of Cristina García and Olga Ruano that were worth two MVP awards of the week.


The Copa Catalunya team  received one of the revelations of the category,  SESE,  team that made difficult the win for Dani Poza´s players.

Olga Ruano had her  best game of the season, proving again that she is at least one of the best inside players of the league despite her youth.
In 38 minutes, Olga scored 14 points (70% shooting), grabbed 20 rebounds, stole three balls and was fouled seven times, for a total score of 38 in efficiency, while helping her team to achieve a valuable victory that will certainly make them closer to their natural positions in the ranking.
The evening continued in Sant Adrià with the Liga Femenina 2 team facing C.B.Valls.
Femeni Sant Adrià,  after a bad start in the competition, had chained five consecutive wins, last of them against the until then unbeaten Uni CajaCanarias.

After an irregular first half,  Ivan Torino´s players raised their defensive level and easily defeated Valls, 82 to 52. Cristina Garcia was clearly the best player of the game, scoring 27 points (with 2 threes in  3 attempts) and grabbing 6 rebounds for a total efficiency of 30 in just 26 minutes of play.

These numbers helped her to achieve the award of Player of the Week in Liga Femenina 2 , group B. After ten games, Cristina Garcia averages 14.2 points (seventh in the competition), 3.7 rebounds and 2.8 steals  (second of the competition). In addition, Cristina increased her numbers in the six consecutive wins of Sant Adrià, averaging 17.2 points per game.

Cristina is in the top 10 of the competition in minutes played, points, steals and blocks and she is also thirteenth in efficiency.

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