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Chus Fernández, David Haro and Jose Apolinario in Monzon Camp

The coach Chus Fernandez and the players Jose Apolinario and David Haro are for the month of July in Monzon Technical Camp.


The first Monzon Camp for young players and organized by the NGO Pro Mundis Tres, Cosehisa Monzon and Patronato de Deportes in which eight players invited on 30 since last June, continued its upward taking development as a centre of the activities Los Olimpicos Sport Hall.

Players who participate in the Campus have to keep a job controlled by the physical preparation, shoots to basket, hooks, free and 3 points shots, competition 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 games indoors and outdoors, blockades and competition.

The coach Chus Fernandez, who leads the first phase of campus until the next day on July 11 expressed the Journal Alto Aragon that "the Campus runs perfectly since its inception; players are taking it very seriously, learning new things, and others already sounded them of what they are doing in their clubs. They do long hours, but learning. "

The list of players involved in the Campus are: Luis Carlos Lasús (CB Barbastro), José Apolinario (Cosehisa Monzón), José Cabrera (Marin Peixegalego), David Haro (CB Viladecans), Pierre Oriola (CN Tárrega), Eloi Torrent (CN Tárrega), Dani Peruga (Cosehisa Monzón), y Dani Arcau (Cosehisa Monzón).

One exercise in the Camp video

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