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Bronze for Andreu Bou with Spain U16

The Catalan coach Andreu Bou, U16 Coach, has won the Bronze Medal at the European U16 Debrecen by defeating France 61-49.

The Spanish team was relegated to play for third place after falling to a powerful Russia in the semifinals.

In this European U16, gold went to Russia, which beat the Czech Republic in the final by 72-47.

Before flying back to Spain, we have talking to Andreu Bou then we leave the interview.

After the defeat in the semifinals against mighty Russia, you have risen up well and avalaible Bronze Medal for Spain...

I think it has been a very demanding championship where Europe Czech Republic, Spain and France competed to a similar level and Russia one or two rungs above. When we face in the group stage they beat us 82-54. Compete equally the first 17 minutes but after we broke the game. I think that's where the team reacts and gets momentum to win 50 to Greece and meet the quarterfinals by 34 points against Latvia. The cross brings us to Russia in the semifinals and make the best game we've played basketball, 74-65, competing on equal terms against Vaadeva, Musina and company. Proud to have the DNA that makes us different, special and a pavilion 1000 people to stand up to cheer on Spain instead of Russia and we've got love for our electric play and constant cheerful.

Can you make a quick assessment of the tournament?

I'll stick with thorn against Hungary where we wrong the game, we were overwhelmed despite rowing against the tide and get the score above, I think we step invoice wear. If it is true that we are several factors against the host. Against Serbia suffer hardship because we held up well despite going 20 points up on the scoreboard, Serbia competed and entered match, the rest of Croatia won 29, Turkey also 29, Greece 49, Latvia by 34 and France 12 points in the fight for medals. Indicator of the pace and intensity that Spain frame at all times.

How does it feel after winning your first medal as Spanish Coach?

The feeling is spectacular, I must first thank Angel Palmi which is wagered by me in 2010 to enter the first time in FEB selections and now in charge of U16 Coach. Past experiences are great, but clearly debut as Coach has an extra incentive and the pressure of wanting to do well. Proud of group management, labor and technical union of body and especially the players as protagonists of our story of survival as a coach where I learned a lot and I keep the value of the "AS". Conviction character, overcome barriers, obstacles and be able to improve and reach the limit. The "TEAM" has always been above names and has displayed symbols of identity and constant development for 35 days

What future lies ahead for this generation of girls?

The "TEAM" is made up of 12 feisty that have come in its own merit to being able to compete in the European top 12 Spanish players. The merit is the day to day work tirelessly to reach a championship flawlessly. At the individual level I think we've managed to mix to perfection the work and talent combine many styles and identities of players to scratch at a very high level. There have been days that we could have someone individually successful but there appeared no TEAM to put everything in place. 12 important.

In this European, Spain began the first phase played against Croatia, whom he defeated by 86-60, the next day also defeated Holland by 63-57 and closed phase is losing to the hosts, Hungary, 56-63.

Spain in the second phase of the tournament defeated Turkey 76-47, suffered another defeat, this time against Russia 54-82 and closed group qualifying for the quarter finals as third group defeating Greece 85-36.

In Quarterfinals Spain beat Latvia, second from another group, 79-45, qualifying for finals, where he lost to Russia 65-77.

In the match for third place, Spain beat France 61-49.

Bronze Medal Game Highlights video:

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