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Breanne Watson excels with 21 points, 15 rebounds and 34 in efficiency

Universidad de Ferrol won last Saturday against Pabellon Ourense 62 to 91.


It was in the second quarter when Nacho Pita´s players took the advantage, arriving to the half time with a twelf point lead. After a tied third quarter again Ferrol shone in the last quarter, getting a 28-12 run that left Pabellon Ourense without any chance.
Breanne Watson was the game MVP with 21 points(8/13 from the field and 5/7 in free throws), 15 rebounds (7 offensive) and total 34 in efficiency in just 28 minutes of play.  It was only because another RegeneracomSports player, Catherine Scanlon had an impressive game that Breanne wasn´t finally the Week MVP even though 34 was enough to finish in second position.

Breanne also had help in american Jhasmin Player and in Marta Tudanca with 26 and 21 in efficiency each.
After six rounds, Breanne averages 14,2 points and 9,5 rebounds with 18,2 efficiency in just 26 minutes per game.
Breanne Watson is currently the third best rebounder in Group A with 9,5 rebounds per game. Another of our players, Ziomara Morrison is currently leading the total rebounds with 12,6 per game.
But it´s in the offensive rebounds where currently Breanne Watson is the top offensive rebounder both in Group A and B with 4,67 per game. Also Breanne is right now ninth in effiency in Group A.

After this win, Universidad del Ferrol is in a three-win streak and gets to the fourth position with four wins and two losses.
Good start for Universidad de Ferrol and for Breanne in her first year in Spain.

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