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Blanca García, MVP of the Week and very close to Quadruple-Double

Catalan guard Blanca García had a brilliant performance last Sunday in the win 105 to 41 of Unió Esportiva Mataró against historical C.B.Olesa in Catalunya Cup.

Blanca García scored 22 points (6/8 from the field, 3/5 in three pointers), grabbed 9 rebounds, dished 9 assists and stole 8 balls to finish with 39 in total efficiency.

Together with Blanca,  Olga Ruano (MVP in Game 1) scored 16 points and grabbed 5 rebounds for 15 efficiency in a team that also has young and talented international guards Ariadna Pujol and Laia Flores.

Blanca García is currently averaging 14.7 points 5 rebounds 7.5 assists and 22.7 in efficiency per game meanwhile Olga Ruano averages 15.5 points 9 rebounds and 21 in efficiency per game.

Blanca Garcia is a 1,68m spanish guard born in 1989 who despite her youth, had her debut in Spanish 2nd division during the 2006-2007 season and has already played 3 playoffs to move to 1st division.

Blanca started playing basketball in Arenys de Mar, from where she moved to Mataro in the 2004-05 season, as U16 player.

In the same season, Blanca won both the Catalan and the Spanish U18 Championship, repeating the Catalan championship in the next season and being runner-up in the Spanish U18 Championship.

During her last year as U18 player, Blanca played her first games in Spanish 2nd division, averaging 4,3 points in 14 minutes per game and having her best game against powerhouse Soller with 18 points 5 rebounds 5 steals and 6 received fouls for a total 23 efficiency in 26 minutes.

Blanca moves to Sant Adria in the 2007-08 season, where she plays both for the first and the second team.

In the second team, which plays Copa Catalunya, Blanca is one of the best guards in the competition, averaging 11,3 points 2,4 rebounds , 3,5 received fouls and 9,2 efficency in 28 minutes per game with excellent 54% from the field and 31% in three pointers. Sant Adria finishes in 2nd position and plays playoffs to move to 2nd division.

Blanca also averages 3 points in 9 minutes with 53% in three pointers for the 1st team, finishing 4th in regular season and playing playoffs to move to 1st division. She gets injured (ACL) a few games before playoffs so she needs surgery and recovers successfully during the summer.

In the 2008-09 season, after a good recovery she plays the last 11 games with the 2nd division team , averaging 3,3 points and 3,4 efficiency in 11 mpg. Sant Adria again finishes in 4th position and this time Blanca averages 10 minutes per game in the playoffs to move to 1st division.

Blanca Garcia stays in Sant Adria in the 2009-10 season, increasing her role in the team and averaging 5,6 points in 24 minutes per game playing the point guard position.

In her three seasons in Sant Adria,Blanca also won three times the Catalan League against Olesa and Uni Girona (who both moved to 1st division that season) and Mataro.

Blanca Garcia signs with U.E.Mataró in the 2010-11 season, averaging 6 points 3,3 rebounds 2,5 assists and 6,2 in efficiency in 30 minutes per game.

In the 2011-12 season, Blanca signs with Sedis Cadí in Spanish 1st division, averaging 7 minutes per game.

Blanca is a very fast player, good defender and can play both the point guard and shooting guard position.


Until 2004: Arenys Basquet

2004-2007: Unió Esportiva Mataró (U16 and U18)

2006-2007: Unió Esportiva Mataró (Liga Femenina 2): 4,3 ppg in 11 min

2007-2008: Femení Sant Adrià (1ª Nacional): 11,3 ppg 2,4 rpg 3,5 fr 9,2 efficiency in 28 min 54% FG 31%T3

2007-2008: Femení Sant Adrià ( Liga Femenina 2): 3ppg in 9min 53%T3

2008-2009: Femení Sant Adrià (1ª Nacional)

2008-2009: Femení Sant Adrià (Liga Femenina 2): 3,3 ppg 3,4 efficiency in 11 min

2009-2010: Femení Sant Adrià (Liga Femenina 2): 5,6 ppg in 24 min

2010-2011: U.E.Mataró (Spain-LF2): 6ppg 3.3rpg 2.5apg 6.2val in 30 min

2011-2012: Sedis Basquet (Spain-LF1):  1ppg 1rpg 1eff in 7min


2005 U18 Catalan Champion
2005 U18 Spanish Champion
2006 U18 Catalan Champion
2006 U18 Spanish Runner-Up
2008 Catalan LF2 League Champion
2008 Playoffs to move to 2nd division
2008 Playoffs to move to 1st division
2009 Playoffs to move to 1st division
2009 Catalan LF2 League Champion
2010 Catalana LF2 League Champion

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