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Belén Arrojo y César Rupérez are already with the Spain U20

The forward Belén Arrojo and coach César Rupérez are concentrated with the Spanish U20 since last Monday in the Galician town of Navia.

Before the European U20 starters, will compete in two tournaments, one in Noia (20 to 22 June) and another in Udine itself, home of the Eurobasket, between 27 and 29 June.

The Eurobasket U20, will be held in the Italian city of Udine, from 3 to 13 July.

César Rupérez, part of the technical team and assistant coach, has spent the last two years in the Chinese league Sanhxi for four summers and adding three golds and one silver at the recent European U20.

César Rupérez declares the website of the Spanish Federation "Technology helps us to the extent we are able to select the appropriate information and we project them to help the best performance of the players."

Belén Arrojo, following a 2013-14 season that debuted in Spanish Women's League with City of Burgos, where he averaged 5.9 points, 2.5 rebounds and 5.1 Valuation in 22 minutes per game, ranking his team the semifinals of the Queen’s Cup and ending the League in a creditable sixth.

The rest of the players selected are:

G: Leticia Romero (Univ. Kansas), Elena de Alfredo (Univ. Toledo), Yaiza Rodríguez (Univ. Boise) y Marina Lizarazu (Univ. Texas)

F: Ariadna Pujol (Univ. Florida), Belén Arrojo (Beroil Burgos), Irene Gari (Univ. Texas), Laura Quevedo (Rivas Ecópolis), Marta Montoliu (Santfeliuenc) y Carolina Esparcia (Mann Filter)

C: Astou N’Dour (Gran Canaria 2014), Ana C. Faussurier (Univ. Arkansas), Yaiza Lázaro (Gernika Bizkaia), Patricia Soler (CB Conquero) y Sara Zaragoza (Estudiantes)

Here you can see the Dossier Women's U20 and document the complete Call

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