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Belén Arrojo: We will do our best so that Mann Filter stays in Liga Femenina

Spanish international forward Belén Arrojo is playing with Mann Filter her 2nd year in Liga Femenina after finishing the 2013-14 season in 6th position and playing the Queen´s Cup with Burgos.

Belén Arrojo keeps improving her game and she is having more responsability each time while she averages 9.6 points 3.7 rebounds and 2 assists in 30 minutes per game.

There are 5 games left in the regular season and Mann Filter is fighting to stay in 1st division with a 5-16 record.  We speak with Belén after losing in the overtime against Bembibre (69-72) in a game in which she scored 12 points.

With five games to finish the regular phase of the Women's League numbers you carry a 5 wins and 16 defeats that puts you near Campus promises and Al-Qazeres as  teams less easy going to have to keep the category. How do you face in Mann Filter matches that I get to play?

The games we have left to play the face with great gusto and with great enthusiasm. It is true that we are in a difficult situation but now more than ever is when we have to work together and be all together as possible.

After a brilliant victory at home to Cadi La Seu you have chained four consecutive defeats, the last Sunday in overtime against Embutidos Pajariel Bembridge (69-72). Would you is affecting both physical and mental fatigue in this stretch?

I think physically and mentally the team is good and ready, there is no doubt me.

It is true that has affected us having missed the last four games, two of them in overtime and the other a few points, because we know we could have won them. Still, we trust ourselves and to win games so we have league

On Saturday at 7 pm you return to play at the Eduardo Lastrada, this time at the Gran Canaria 2014 is coming off a big win against La Paterna Campus promises. How do you face this match after the first leg had canary colored (85-65)?

We know it will be a tough game like everyone is doing Gran Canaria in the league. At home we lost, but we are now working and training to take advantage in our attack them and stop them on defense.

Victor is giving us guidelines about the steps we must take to win the game and give our best performance.

The team is ready and we will prove

After a very good start to the league with Jesus Gutierrez in front (3-2), the Mann Filter chained eight consecutive defeats that led to his resignation and subsequently by Victor Lapeña team that you knew was made since it was your coach in Spanish teams U17 and 18. What things Victor asks you to contribute to the team and what details need to improve?

Victor asks me to defend it hard, aggressive, using hands one on one, always taking care of faults, and fight both the offensive and defensive rebound.

And attack you find the advantages ball and without the ball and looking for the advantages of the other key players in our team such as Kristine Vitola..

Although it's been a difficult season in terms of results collectively, is individually still a very important season in your growth as a player since you're disputing many minutes have shots and responsibility in each game. That assessment you do it this season and you are providing Mann Filter?

The personal assessment is quite positive because this year I'm playing more minutes and assuming more responsibility for team play and I think what was good for me this season.

Furthermore, the club sport level is bringing me more security, more work, more shot ... and all that makes me grow as a player. Professionally, I am very happy because we are treated very well to all players

We know you're 100% focused on getting salvation for Mann Filter but on the horizon the European U20 to be held in Spain (Lanzarote) during the month of July is also located.

With the different Spanish teams have completed great performances achieving an enviable record including 2 Gold (U16, U18) and 2 Platas (U17, U20). What do you remember all these championships and live the way you think it will be the last tournament together the successful generation jugaréis 95?

Now I'm focused on what is in season because my priority is my team the Mann Filter is saved and get the permanence in the category.

Regarding the summer I hope to be between twelve and fully enjoy this last championship of this generation.

All the memories are amazing. We are a close-knit team and together we have achieved great things. I hope to go back to get another medal this year and finish my cycle with youth teams with good taste

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