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Andreu Bou

Bandera Nacionalidad

Date of birth: 24/12/1982

Birthplace: Spain

Nationality: Spain

Current team: Signed

Situation: Signed

Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan

Andreu Bou is a 34 year old Spanish coach who has alreaady 8 years of head coaching experience in Spanish top division, five with Cadí La Seu and 3 with Campus Promete Logroño.

Andreu Bou has also experience with Spanish National Teams and he has won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal in U16 European Championships.

Andreu´s career starts in men basketball, coaching C.N.Sabadell in the 2005-06 serason and Sedis Mausa in 2006-07.

In the 2007-08 season, Andreu has his debut as assistant coach in Spanish Women First Division, staying for 2 years until he is promoted to head coach in the 2009-10 season.

As head coach, Andreu has been 5 seasons with Cadí, reaching the 7th position in the 2011-12 season (best result in club history) and beating Rivas Ecópolis, team that months later would be Euroleague Finalist, losing against Ros Casares.

Andreu Bou continued improving his results and in the 2012-13 season finished in fourth position (new best position in Club History) beating also Perfumerías Avenida, team that finally would win the Spanish League.

In the 2013-14 season and after a big budget cut, Andreu finished in 7th position with Cadí ICG Software in Spanish 1st division.

In the season 2014-15 in February he signs for Campus Promete Logroño (1st Spanish Division), club where he stayed until the end of the 2016-17 season, finishing in 7th position, the best result in club history.


2007-08: Assistant Coach - Cadí La Seu d´Urgell (Spain-D1)

2008-09: Assistant Coach - Cadí La Seu d´Urgell (Spain-D1)

2009-10: Head Coach - Cadí la Seu D'urgell (Spain-D1)

2010-11: Head Coach - Cadi La Seu D´Urgell (Spain-D1)

2011-12: Head Coach - Cadí la Seu D'Urgell (Spain-D1)

2012-13: Head Coach - Cadí la Seu D'Urgell (Spain-D1)

2013-14: Head Coach - Cadí ICG Software (Spain-D1)

February 2015: Head Coach - Campus Promete Logroño (Spain-D1)

2015-16: Head Coach - Campus Promete Logroño (Spain-D1)

2016-17:   Head Coach -  Campus Promete Logroño (Spain-D1)



Assistant Coach U16 Spanish National Team - 2010,2012,2013

Fifth position U16 European Championship 2010

Gold Medal in U16 European Championship 2012

Gold Medal in U16 European Championship 2013

Spanish LF1 Semifinalist

Head Coach: Spanish Women U16 National Team 2014, 2015

European Championships U16 for Women in Debrecen (Hungary) -14 (Bronze)

Semifinalist in the U16 European Championship 2015

Win against Rivas Ecpolis in the 2011-12 Season

Win against Perfumeras Avenida in the 2012-13 Season


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