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Antonio Traba, the first spanish general manager in NBA with Toronto Raptors

This news was published on December 28, which in Spain is the Day of the Innocents, and it was the innocence of Regeneracom 2008.


The current sports director of Peixe Galego, Antonio Traba, a graduate in Business Studies, Masters in Financial and Tax Administration and Master in Management Products, has just closed an agreement with Toronto Raptors for incorporation as a deputy general manager Bryan Colangelo.

The news that was confirmed this Sunday in Toronto, makes the Spanish basketball team not only gets to the NBA through his players (Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Rudy Fernandez, Jose Manuel Calderon and Sergio Rodriguez), but it also makes the management of a sports club.

Although Antonio Traba will become the first Spanish general manager, it must be remembered that Antonio Maceira (exAkasvayu Girona) and has been working for months to San Antonio Spurs. With this, just missing the arrival of a coach to also have Spanish presence on the benches.

"Weeks we enjoyed talking with Toronto Raptors to move to Canada as soon as possible, but until December 28 this has not been confirmed," according to Traba. As for the possible arrival of a Spanish coach, Traba did not want to cast doubt on the existing technical, "Jay Triano has recently come to Toronto and I do not think it's time to talk of possible technical. It is clear, however, that if one day someone can add to the Spanish coaching staff, we will do. "

Traba, which is currently in Arrasate following a junior tournament that is already his exclub, the Peixe Galego, has acknowledged that "I have not spoken to Calderon, but I understand that it will be happy with my arrival." One of the first initiatives of the new general manager in Toronto will organize a campus that already has a title: "Going out the step 1C1 without committing".

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