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Anna Carbo:If we want to win the playoff can not relax

The Catalan [Anna Carbo @] it takes nine seasons with the club Girona, through the different categories with him, from 1ªDivisión Women and League Femenina2 until today completed its third year in women's league is one of the most important players on the team coach Roberto Iñiguez.

Ana who is averaging this season some big numbers in relation annotation / time with 8.7 points per game and 1.3 assists 7.6 obtaining valuation, also continues to make progress in his outside shot with 47.3% accuracy from half distance and 40% from the three point line, which gives the position of the best shooters around.

We talked to [Anna Carbo @] absence of several days for the second playoff game in which his team, Spar Citylift Girona, will have to win the CB Conquero unless you want to get to the third and deciding game.

After the regular phase of the Women's League with 23 wins and 3 losses to the CB Conquero, Rivas Ecopolis and IDK Gipuzkoa UPV, you are seconds of the classification. I completed a great season and opting again, as ye could already do in previous years (2012-2013), winning the regular season in the playoffs, how would you describe the regular season of the league?

The season's regular season has been a very good season but that has also been some difficulty.

Good because we are doing a historical record of wins for the club, but with some difficulty because we had a difficult time, such as losing the semifinals of the Cup of Queen from one to the extension before the CB Conquero.

Once achieved the goal of entering playoffs you fight to win the regular season. At the junction of semifinals ye confront your before the CB Conquero, rival who already know after 3 games in which you have faced them counting both league and Cup. In addition, two separate results league as the only Cup have been the more even giving options for both teams to get the win. How does Anna's playoff semifinals?

The tie will be very tight because Conquero is a great team.

If you really want to win we have to be very concentrated from minute one, as they are big fighters and if we relax can get us an advantage that, then it will be very difficult to recover.

After the good performance of the team in the league with Ramon Jordana some problems within this led to his resignation. Subsequently, has taken over Roberto Iñiguez, which has managed to keep the good work and good line wins. What things Roberto asks you to contribute to the team and what affects more details you need to improve?

Roberto advised me that I will always be both on and off the track.

What I must do is to help and contribute to the team at all times and all you need.

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