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Ani Calvo present in the preselection of Spain U18

Ani Calvo has been included in the shortlist of the Spanish U18 team, which will focus on 23 June in Avila, where prepare the Eurobasket.

Before the European U20 starters, will compete in various international matches, including a tournament at Avila from 4 to 6 July, and other parties from 12 to 14 July.

The Eurobasket U18 will be held in the Portuguese town of Matosinhos, from 17 to 27 July.

Ani Calvo played the 2013-14 season with Segle XXI in Spanish 2nd division, averaging 13.9 points, 6.2 reb and +12.7 efficiency, being the top scorer, the best rebounder and the player with the highest efficiency in her team.

About Ani Calvo the coaching staff of the national team U18 says: "You made a big leap in quality in recent years, good shot and a great help around the basket."

The rest of the players selected are:

G: Laia Flores (Sant Adriá), Maite Cazorla (Segle XXI) y Mariona Martí (Sant Adriá)

F: Ángela Salvadores (Segle XXI), Ani Calvo (Segle XXI), Paula Vicente (UVA Ponce), Laura Quevedo (Rivas Ecópolis), Lucía Togorés (Rivas Ecópolis), Teresa López (Aros Léon), Elena Capella (Almeda) y Helena Oma (Almeda)

C: Helena Orts (Sant Adriá), Itsaso Conde (Araski), Clara Rodríguez (UVA Ponce), Laia Clavero (Segle XXI), Iho López (Spar Uni Girona), Sara Zaragoza (Estudiantes) y Nogaye Lo (Celta Vigo)

Here you can see the Dossier Women's U18 and document the complete Call

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