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Ani Calvo begins Eurobasket U18 with the Spanish National Team

U18 national team, with Ani Calvo as one of their most important players, closed its preparation for the Eurobasket winning five of the six matches.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, as the Eurobasket. Her opponent, from 16:15 hours (one hour later in Spain) will be Croatia.

The European U18 will be held from 17 to 27 July in the city of Matosinhos (Portugal), where Spain will face in the first phase to Croatia, the Netherlands and Poland.

Between day 4 and July 6 champion Spain Ávila International U18 Tournament by winning the teams of Italy, Turkey and finally to Russia was proclaimed.

Spain beat Italy in the match of the first day of the International Avila Tournament by a score of 48-29, which demonstrated both the willingness and effectiveness of our defensive team as its margin improvement going forward.

On Saturday afternoon the U18 ran over Turkey (65-34) in the second round of the Tournament of Avila with a great display of defense and confidence.

Champion Spain Ávila International U18 Tournament by winning the decisive final match at the Russia was proclaimed by 55-48, after forty minutes in which the Evaristo Pérez returned to prominence in their defensive strength and competitiveness.

The following weekend in a three-game series against Greece, the Spanish team won two of three, winning clearly in the last one.

The first game of the "trilogy" against Greece resulted in a clear victory (71-49) forged in the second part in a test that was used to reassemble the group after the changes in the last days.

In preparation should be designed from time to time a small setback to reinforce the need to insist on improvement. After four consecutive wins Spain lost to Greece (62-63).

End the trilogy against Greece and victory in the last friendly before heading to the Eurobasket launch of Portugal. Improved from the previous day Spain clearly won (62-48).

The players who make up the team that will play the Eurobasket U18 in Matosinhos is formed by: Laia Flores, Maite Carzorla, Ángela Salvadores, Ani Calvo, Paula Vicente, Laura Quevedo, Lucía Togores, Helena Orts, Itsaso Conde, Iho López, Sara Zaragoza and Clara Rodríguez.

Schedule Eurobasket U18 in Matosinhos:

17/07: Spain - Croatia
18/07: Spain - Netherlands
19/07: Spain - Poland

21/07: 2nd Round
22/07: 2nd Round
23/07: 2nd Round

25/07: Quarter-finals
26/07: Semifinals
27/07: Final

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