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Ani Calvo and Umi Diallo selected by the Spanish U20 National Team

The shooting guard Ani Calvo and post player Umi Diallo have been selected by the Spanish Federation and will take part in the U20 European Championships this coming July in Matoshinos, Portugal.

For Ani Calvo, this will be her third experience with the youth Spanish National Teams as she won the Bronze Medal in the U18 European Championsips of 2014 and reached the Semifinals of the U19 World Championships played in the last summer.

For Umi Diallo, this will be her fifth time that she will play for her National side, as she did in the U16 European Championships of 2013 and 2014, getting the Gold Medal and the Bronze Medal, respectively; in the U17 World Championships of 2014, winning the Silver Medal; and in the U18 European Championships played last August, where she won again the Gold Medal.

The Canary post player has been selected for the U20 Spanish National Team, being the youngest in the squad, two years under the requirement.

Congrats to both!

The U20 National Team will start to practice on the 17th of June and will play a friendly tournament on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June against Turkey, Holland and Russia.

The European Championships will start on the 9th of July and the Spanish National Team will play against Poland, Portugal and Bosnia in the first phase.

For both players, this 2015-16 season has been a successful one, as Ani Calvo with Mann-Filter Zaragoza achieved the Semifinals of the Liga Femenina, and Umi Diallo playing with FemenÝ Sant Adrià played the Liga Femenina 2 Final.

Some of Ani Calvo's best actions with Mann-Filter Zaragoza can be watched in the following video:

Some of Umi Diallo's best actions with FemenÝ Sant Adrià can be watched in the following video:

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