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Angela Brown join to BBC Boom (Belgium)

Angela Brown, 1'95 american center born in 1985 and has signed professional contract for next season by one of the best teams from Belgium, the BBC Boom, ended third in the last league.


During her high school stage, she belonged to Clinton County, where she managed to historical records for her team: 2.217 points, 1.569 rebounds and 694 blocks as well as the highest record in a game of one player from school (43 points).

These numbers earned her to be nominated in the best team in her state so much in her year as junior and as senior high school. With 19 years and after numerous scholarship offers in the NCAA, she joined the prestigious Old Dominion University, college of many talents as Ticha Penicheiro, Clarisse Machanguana or known in Spain Paula Muxiri.

At Old Dominion she was for three years, working on her improvement but without having too much playing time, among other things by being part of one of the best teams in the competition, making records of 24-9 in 2006-2007, 22-9 In 2005-2006 and 22-9 in 2004-2005. 

Her last academic year she played with Murray State University in 2007-2008, where she finally got a more important role (she was start five on all matches), helping her team to achieve a great record of wins / losses (24 / 9) disputing about average of 21 minutes per game and getting 6.9 points and 5 rebounds per game in addition to placing 48 blocks.

The percentages of Angela were excellent, rising to 54% in field shots and 73% in free throws. After graduating in Science Communication by Old Dominion and finalize a Master's degree in early childhood education at Murray State, Angela contemplates the possibility of continuing her career in Europe, where surely be able to demonstrate her level and capitalise on her height and quality. 

See Angela Brown profile and video

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