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Andreu Bou with the Spanish U16 National Team

U16 National Team, with Andreu Bou as coach has played this December few games in preparation for the 2015 U16 Eurobasket.

With the experience of many years in Technical Teams selections, having competed fulfilling goals in the previous European U16 as coach and unquestionable several seasons coaching career senior Andreu Bou lives with his usual intensity and involvement their FEB experience.

After this weekend games, we talked with Andreu Bou on the U16 National Team and and about himself, then's the video of the interview.

How has been the concentration with the U16 National Team?

Very good experience with four days of intense work, especially looking a bit observe and see the twenty players working and competing on the first day against Rivas, yesterday against Estudiantes and today front.

It was primarily aim to see sensations, see how they evolve the players as they are now in a difficult time, because it is a moment of cargo in its season, we are almost at the gates of Championship of Spain, which is a first section to learn how we sensations that come from the U15, and from here as the first point ahead of the European 2015.

Very good feelings. To note some players, see them live. Is always different parse through video when you see and live and have working.

What excel in this generation born in 1999?

I think mostly it's very interesting the possible projection that has the computer sense, especially making concepts of capturing information, the perception of the team to do things with great pace, with intensity, improvements can take in defense ...

I think a little at defensive team is able to climb many steps in intensity as offensive level can take many steps forward, we have various resources. Besides, at this concentration also missing players, which I think we really have a wide range from which to choose to complete a selection of twelve players with a high level.

This concentration, in a few weeks the Championship of Spain. Good time to see all these players ...

It is good time because it really is a very different Easter time, and of course very different because when you concentrate in June, which is good perceive the information they give you the players at this time, a hard time loading and where they are about to compete for the Championship of Spain. It is interesting to have this intermediate control point, see what situation we are in, and then analyze players.

After the tour is over, we still have nine months until the European Championships, which may be many changes of players, there may be changes in styles of play, so we have that starting point and we will see as follow.

What does Andreu Bou now? Are you looking forward to sit on a bench?

See, try to see a lot of basketball. When we finished the European late August was still seeing if there was any situation of possible Club, chances of signing, but eventually spoke to the Spanish Federation and I kept track of what I was doing with the U16 and remain European coach for next.

I think it is a luxury and a motivation to continue tied for the fifth year with the Spanish Federation. And after the experience of last year, now lies ahead this year's motivations are very high.

When you're a coach you need to train every day, and you want to train every day. Evidently I love the track. Now I track women's league after eight years being inside, I feel weird in front of my computer watching basketball online.

Try to watch basketball, try to go to see work mates, watch a lot of basketball, to try to have these training periods, these periods of follow updated, to keep inside. And do not deception, with really wish that daily routine of daily monkey basketball, to be on a runway, to have, what I like to me, the brain thinking every day to improve, what to do with your team and how to work

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