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Andreu Bou signs with Campus Promete in Spanish 1st Division

Campus Promete has introduced this morning our coach Andreu Bou as the person who will try that the team will stay in 1st division when there are only 8 games left and 5 of them are against the best 5 teams in Liga Femenina.

Andreu Bou, 32 years old, has already been coaching 7 years in Spanish top division, 5 of them as head coach, being her best year the 2012-13 season in which Cadí La Seu reached the semifinals, having also beaten Perfumerías Avenida Salamanca and Rivas Ecópolis during his coaching in that club.

Andreu Bou has also won two gold medals with the U16 women National Team as an assistant coach (2012 and 2013) and one bronze medal as head coach last summer.

We speak with Andreu Bou about his signing with Campus Promete:

After starting the season working for FEB and not coaching a professional team, how did things produce so that you could sign with Campus Promete and what lead you to accept their offer?

The truth is that my signing occurred really quick. Last Wednesday my agent, Lluis Túnez, contacted me to detail me the situation in Campus Promete and that after some initial conversations it was a possibility that they would be interested in signing me to coach their team.

After that, and with the approval of Luis Birigay, Campus Promete contacted me through their CEO, Salva Díez and the president of Fundación Promete, Luis Cacho, to explain me all the sides of their project and they really made me feel their excitement for contracting me and becoming a member of their family.

Despite being a difficult situation due to the position of the team and the few games left, the truth is that I really wanted to try to keep the team in 1st division and I saw Promete as a club with a lot of possibilities.

Once that Luis Cacho and my agent agreed on the terms, I accepted the offer and on Friday morning I was already driving to Logroño.

Campus Promete is a new club in Spanish 1st division but as a good newcomer they have great desire and enthusiasm to develop and grow.

They have received very well and I see everybody in the club really involved and willing to help.  I can only say good things about the club and the people that I have met.

In addition, Fundación Promete is much more than just a normal club. It is a structure with a great potential and I also believe in their intention to develop the talent of the players in La Rioja so that in the mid term there can be more presence in the first team.

You have been already several days in Logroño, what are your first feelings about the team?

The sensations are very good.  Players have shown that they want to do their best to stay in 1st division and we have now six weeks to work and improve every day.

If the work is good enough and we are mentally tough, the wins will come.

There are only 8 games left to finish the season.  How do you see the options to remain in 1st division?

We must go step by step and face each game as a final battle, with the added difficulty of the hardest schedule and that we must also rebuild our team meanwhile.  So our first opponent will be ourselves.

On Saturday we will play Gernika and we will try to arrive enough prepared and with a competitive mentality.  We will need that to have chances to win the game.

That's our goal now. Once that the game in Gernika will finish, our new final will be Conquero, who this weekend has been finalist in the Queen´s Cup.

We all know that we are in a difficult situation but I hope that all together will be able to keep this project in 1st division, because I think that it is where Logroño deserves to be.

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