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Andreu Bou and Campus Promete enter cruising speed

Campus Promete defeated Spar Gran Canaria last Saturday (71-81) and is eighth on the ladder, well away from the relegation zone and with a record of 3 wins and 4 losses, evidence that their hard work is beginning to pay off and they are looking forward to an exciting season for Logroño’s team.

One of the architects of this current momentum of Rioja’s team is Andreu Bou, who, at only 32 years old, is one of the youngest coaches of the Spanish League and is in his seventh season as a head coach in this competition.

In his team, he has Jazz Covington who is bringing experience, and the young Ana-Marija Begic who is continuing to progress and develop her talent in her first year out of Croatia. 

Andreu’s career in Spanish League is linked to two clubs. He started with five seasons in Cadí La Seu where he reached the semifinal of the competition.

Later, in January of 2015, Andreu Bou accepted an offer from Campus Promete and since then works for the Rioja’s club.

Furthermore, Andreu Bou is a coach for the Spanish Federation and has disputed 5 European Championships, adding two Gold Medals and a Bronze Medal to his sporting success.

We spoke with Andreu after his important victory in Canarias:

The schedule of the start of the season for Campus Promete has been complicated having to play against three of the teams that are currently in the Play Off zone such as Spar Citylift Uni Girona, C.B. Conquero Huelva Wagen and Gernika Bizkaia. Even so, you have achieved three wins and maintained your position in the middle of the ladder. How were these first seven games?

The truth is that we are satisfied with our daily work since we started on the 26 of August, we have good individual and collective feelings. We are going in a good direction and improving both in training and in competition.

One of the clear objectives of the team is being solid and competitive every game until the end.

With Girona we lost by 10 points but the other three games we had chances to win in the final minutes, so it is important not to deviate from our daily work and keep adding work to continue progressing towards the game we want.

In the first round we could see a surprise, the newly promoted defeated the league Champion in their home court, furthermore we have continuously close results between the different teams. What is your opinion of the League this year 2015-16?

It is true that CREF Hola won in Girona’s court, but i also think their roster is one of the most completed of the Spanish League and it is a really difficult team to beat.

In my opinion, I think that right now comparing the squads, Azpeitia is playing a little bit poorly, and Avenida is playing well, and the rest of the 12 teams are so equal, it is hard to predict each game.

In Gernika’s case has taken advantage of the momentum and the good dynamics of winning tight games and is currently 6-1, so it is important to be prepared every week and take every 40 minutes to the limit.

In the fourth round, you were the surprise of the week, defeating C.B. Conquero  Huelva Wagen, Queen Cup finalist and league semifinalist, with a close result and a thrilling final.  How do you remember the game and how do you think that it will affect your team moving forward?

After accumulating an initial record of 0-3, the game against Conquero presented a difficult game at home because on one hand they are a good team and on the other hand we had the feeling that it was crucial to achieve the first victory of the season as soon as possible.

The game left a good collective feeling, including a "buzzer beater” that always has that feeling of excitement, to finally achieve a victory after 4 rounds.

The schedule keeps being demanding on your team and now you must play against Mann Filter Zaragoza, Perfumerías Avenida and Cadí la Seu, three clubs that are usually in the middle-high ranking positions. How does your team approach this part of the season?

We approach every game with maximum confidence, with good opponent scouting, knowing what the other teams are going to do against us and how we can hurt them.

The good things of this Spanish League is that you compete against all the teams from up and down of the ladder, and the results are going to be so important. I think everything has been matched and every team has the ambition to compete every weekend because they know that they can win.

Gone is the Spanish league where Ros Casares, Perfumerías Avenida and Rivas were practically invincible, and that you added a block of “top” teams where their budgets were difficult to compete with.

Campus Promete offices have had a busy summer forming a competitive team, since only four players remain from last season.

What differences are there between Campus Promete 2014-15 and 2015-16 and what do the new players bring to the team?

Like you say, we resigned three club players, Naiara Galilea, Paula Estebas and Elena Salcedo. Leslie Knight was also identified as a player with the project and complied perfectly with the profile we were looking for players.

With the new players we decided to search for a specific profile, workers, with athletic potential, with talent, and most importantly, that they would have the opportunity to improve during the season.

Summing up, we looked for a combination of youth and experience, giving always utmost importance to the SQUAD and every player offers her work for the TEAM to win all the games.

Traditionally, your teams have had high intensity on defense, perhaps being their main characteristic. What is the philosophy of your Campus Promete this year?

We are looking for an aggressive basketball style in all the aspects, both in defense and in offense.

To play like we want to play requires time and work and now that we have been together for 2 months, we are starting to be happy in the development that the team is having and mostly the superb daily work that these girls are putting in.

For us it is important to have all the players active and looking for the best 5 at each time, allowing us to have a big number of rotations to help us maintain the high, aggressive level on the court. To sum up our target is make life impossible to the opponent.

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