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Ana-Marija Begic is becoming a key contributor for Campus Promete

Croatian international Ana Marija Begic is becoming a key player in Campus Promete and good proof of that is that she is averaging 9.5 points, 4 rebounds and +9.8 efficiency in 17 minutes per game, with a sensational 69% from the field (20/29), in the last five games.

Last Saturday, Ana Maria, was again strong, with 10 points, 3 rebounds and +10 efficency that helped Campus Promete to achieve victory at home against Mann-Filter Zaragoza (77-68).

The Rioja team, driven by Andreu Bou, has three consecutive victories and is only one position away from a playoff birth. With this streak, they have achieved the best ladder position in Campus Promete's reign of 2 seasons in Spanish First Division League.

We speak with Ana Marija Begic after defeating Mann-Filter:

Ana Marija's career developed in Medvescak, where she debuted at 16 in Adriatic League and in FIBA Cup. Now, at 21 years of age, it's the first time that she has played outside her home country.
Ana, how have you adapted to this new experience?

At the beginning of the season, it wasn't easy for me, because in Medvescak (my previous club), I played as a 4, but here Andreu decided to play me as a 3, so it took me awhile to adapt to this new position. However, this hasn't been my only time in the 3, as I have already played in that position in both junior and senior national sides. Playing in both the 3 and 4 spots was a part of the discussions with the club before I signed, and has greatly helped me improve my game and become a more complete player.

The playing style of my Croatian team compared to the style here is so different, but after two months, I feel much better and more comfortable on court. That is thanks to my coach and my teammates who have helped me from day one. They made my adaptation to the team so much faster.

Campus Promete has new faces, as Maria Begic who contributes with her talent and work and as the experienced post player Jazz Covington.

In the last 5 games, the Croatian guard has played extremely well, indicating her game is developing strongly.  What is your impression of the team and your progress so far?

We have a great team and my teammates are excellent with a lot of experience in this league.

All the players give 100% in all the practices and games, motivating me to do the same and be a better player.

I think that my team should be towards the top of the ladder because of the work we are doing, the good environment and because of the great work of the club.

Campus Promete is firmly positioned in the middle of the ladder, with a record of 4 wins and 4 loses, and is just one point away from the playoff zone. This can be attributed to the recent momentum of the team, with three wins in a row against Añares Rioja ISB, Spar Gran Canaria and the strong Mann-Filter Zaragoza.

How has the start of the season been and how do you see it's future?

The beginning of the season was hard because it was difficult to get a victory. We were getting to know each other and trying to adapt. We were also playing against good teams. The important aspect of that bad time is that we didn't give up, we kept working and kept believing.

Right now, we already have three victories in a row and we feel we are improving with each game. We know can have good results and dream to play playoffs.

In the 2014 summer, Ana Marija was selected in her national team for the first time. This summer she has played in the European championship in Hungary and Romania, finishing tenth. Next week, she will travel to Croatia to play a qualifying games for the next European championship against Holland and Estonia.

How do you think this qualification round will go and how does it feel to play for your national side?

We are in Group B with France, Netherlands and Estonia, so It's not an easy group.

We will go to qualifications without three essential players Ana Lelas Mirma Mazic and Iva Sliskovic. But still, our goal is to win as many matches as we can and qualify for Eurobasket.

On the 26th of August you arrived in Logroño and started to practice. How were your first days in the city and how did the club and their supporters welcome you?

The truth is that everybody was so welcoming. In preseason, I was living alone and the club really looked after me. My teammates helped me a lot, and have made my first experience outside of my home enjoyable and fun.

I am feeling happy here and the people of the club and Logroño are great!

Highlights Ana Begic 2015-16

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