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Amber Holt, Daphanie Kennedy and Louella Tomlinson won the Hungarian League

PINKK-Pecsi of our players Amber Holt, Daphanie Kennedy and Louella Tomlinson has proclaimed the Hungarian League Champion by winning the fifth game of the final PEAC-Pecs by 42-54.

In the win in the final match, highlighted Daphanie Kennedy with 15 points, Amber Holt had 13 points and Louella Tomlinson contributed to the victory with another 7 points.

This is their first league title for
PINKK-Pecsi and succeeds in which was only his second season in the competition.

This season, PINKK-Pecsi finished the regular season in fourth place with a record of fourteen wins and four losses, behind Sopron, Miskolc, Pecs and PEAC, team that just defeated in the final series.

The road to the title began in the quarterfinals at the UNI Gyor, easily beating both the first game, 78-52 with 17 points and 8 rebounds and 13 points Amber Holt Louella Tomlinson, and the second 44-61, with 9 points Daphanie Kennedy and Louella Tomlinson plus 7 points and 9 rebounds from Amber Holt.

Maikel López que brillantemente había conseguido la primera posición en la fase regular y PINKK fue capaz de sobreponerse al factor campo y llevarse también la eliminatoria por la vía rápida (2-0)">Already in the finals series was against Miskolc Maikel Lopez had brilliantly achieved first place in the regular season and was able to overcome Maikel López que brillantemente había conseguido la primera posición en la fase regular y PINKK fue capaz de sobreponerse al factor campo y llevarse también la eliminatoria por la vía rápida (2-0)">PINKK-Pecsi the field factor and leave the tie on the fast track (2-0) Miskolc after winning 53-62 with 17 points by Louella Tomlinson, and Pecs close the series by 70-54 with 17 points from Amber Holt, 13 Daphanie Kennedy and 9 Louella Tomlinson.

PINKK-Pecsi reached the Final to meet her as his closest rival, the PEAC-Pecs had already eliminated in Semifinal Cup and had the home advantage in their favor.

The first game was a war that eventually took PEAC-Pecs after a hotly contested game that ended in overtime with the score 78-72 with 20 points from Amber Holt, 15 Daphanie Kennedy and 14 Louella Tomlinson.

PINKK-Pecsi became strong at home winning by 72-54 and was tied after the tie display Daphanie Kennedy leading the team with 20 points. In addition to the 13 points and 10 rebounds Louella Tomlinson and 9 points of Amber Holt.

PEAC-Pecs again took the third, winning 80-69 with 12 points Amber Holt and 11 both Daphanie Kennedy as Louella Tomlinson and put on the ropes Roberto Hernández team had to win at home for the fourth stay alive.

The defense collapsed PINKK-Pecsi to attack PEAC-Pecs for the fourth and after leaving them on 38 points (52-38) all season left to be decided in the last game.

In the fifth, PINKK-Pecsi resisted the good start of PEAC-Pecs and always kept to match from the third quarter to take the early advantage and finally break the game in the final minutes thanks largely to our players Daphanie Kennedy, with 15 points and Amber Holt scoring 13 points, 7 rebounds for capturing +20 efficiency, winning the first title for PINKK-Pecsi its short history.

In the following links you can see the first and second game of the Final:

First game, which highlights the contribution of Amber Holt with 20 points to +24 efficiency:

Second game with 20 points and +26 efficiency for Daphanie Kennedy:

Our players have been key to the success of PINKK-Pecsi during these playoffs with the following contribution for the same :

Amber Holt has averaged 11.4 points and 5 rebounds +15.2 valuation, getting his fourth Hungarian League in just five years.

In the following video you can see some of their actions and know her better :

Louella Tomlinson meanwhile has gone to 11 points, 5.2 rebounds and also providing +13.6 effiencicy and intimidation. We leave you a video with their best actions:

Daphanie Kennedy has taken a step forward in the playoffs, thus multiplying their performance minutes averaging 11.1 points and of +10.6 effiencicy per game .

In the video below you have some examples of his talent with the ball in his hands :

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