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Alexander Andreev, to Trier, and Pierre Oriola, to Manresa

Two of the young promises change their team for the 2009-2010 season. The 2'08 german power forward, Alexander Andreev, from DKV Joventut has signed a contract for four seasons with the Trier of the German Bundesliga. Andreev will do the preseason with the first team and then he will go with the second team. Pierre Oriola is a 2'06 power forward born in 92 from Lleida Bàsquet and will join the project Bàsquet Manresa.


Alexander Andreev is a 2'08 power forward born in 1991. He can play like forward too and he  stands out for his athletic capacity and his tremendous potential. 

He has an extraordinary coordination with his height: 2'08 and he has a good command of the ball, being able to play 1vs1 face from the outside and 1vs1 backs to basket. Both offensively as in the rebound makes good on his size thus he has a timing and an ability to jump important.

Pierre Oriola, to Manresa
Pierre Oriola is a young promise born in Lleida in 1992 and measured 2'06 and can reach close to 2'10.

Despite his height, Oriola is also capable of playing for 1vs1 and interesting medium and long shot distance. He is also a great worker and his ability to improve makes him really interesting. In 2008-2009, he played one match with Lleida in LEB Gold.

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