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Aigars Skele, to EBC Majadahonda

The promising latvian shooting guard Aigars Skele, born in 1992 (Junior therefore) and brother of Armands Skele, is committed to the European Basketball Majadahonda (U18 and EBA).


Aigars Skele debuted this Wednesday, 11 November against Real Madrid junior (team unbeaten this season), scoring 25 points. His team, the Basketball European Majadahonda, yielding only ended in overtime (84-86).

Aigars Skele in shooting guard born 20 December 1992, he began to excel in the 2008-2009 season and that in this beginning of the 2009-2010 is reasserting himself as one of the great promises of the generation of 92 from Latvia, Bertans along with Davis, Janis Timm and Edmunds Dukulis (all represented by Regeneracom in Spain).

Aigars also is the brother of Armands Skele, a full international player from Latvia and one of the great stars of country that was in the orbit of several CBA teams last summer and finally played in the A1 Napoli Italian. In the 2009-2010 season, before joining the European project in Majadahonda College Basketball Aigars averaged 16.5 points, 2.5 rebounds and 2 assists in 2nd Division Ridzene Latvia Barons, while still a junior, with 54% shooting of three, numbers similar or even superior to those Timm, Bertans and Dukulis.

The fact that it is born in late December 1992 has avoided perhaps that Skele Aigars name is placed before among the best European of his generation, has not played since the 2008 European U16, but its appearance in this 2009 was important. Aigars is an escort of more than 1.90 which is still undergoing physical training and athletic, and noted for a high penetration capability and vision of game and a good shot, both mechanically and in accuracy.

In Latvia, and compare him with his brother Armands, but with better shooting and ability to grow even a few centimeters, which would become one of the most interesting escorts from 92 European generation.

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