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Adrijana Knezevic: We will fight until the end to stay in Liga Femenina

Serbian Adrijana Knezevic signed with Campus Promete in November 2014 and since then she has been one of the top contributors to the team that with two games left is fighting to stay in Liga Femenina.

Adrijana played a great game last friday in the win against C.B Al-Qazeres with 13 points 6 rebounds and 5 assists for +15 efficiency in a game that could have been their last bullet if they had lost it.

In her comeback season to Spain, Adrijana Knezevic is averaging excellent 12.5 points and 4.7 rebounds per game, adding also leadership, determinantion and leadership to Campus Promete.

We spoke with Adrijana two games before the end of the regular season:

You managed to beat the CB Al-Qazeres by 60-72 and thus follow a mathematical chance of permanence two games to finish the regular season. What is special about this game and how you lived?

The last game was very complicated and very important for both teams. Personally I think we have a better team than them but we knew that if we wanted to win had to give the best of us. In fact, it was a very intense and very exciting game finally managed to win and thus achieve our first goal.

For us it was like winning a final since we played the all out if we wanted to continue with options in this competition. It was a deserved victory because we worked hard both in attack and defense and went more than ever a team.

In this game you have been with Chanel Mokango the most valued of your team with 13 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists for valuation +15 player. How did you feel during the game?

In such games there are better players but better equipment. Certainly there are games in which you are most successful and have more options than the rest, but one player alone does not win games. If my teammates had not passed me the ball or had not sought me when perhaps he had better options, there would have scored.

All did a great game and in the end, is the set that counts. I am very happy and proud of all of them and the pace we set in the field.

On Wednesday comeback to Lobete to play against Star Center-Uniferrol (ranked tenth) and Saturday Wurzburg before you visit the Perfume Avenue. How do you face these last two very important games?

It is true that we are in a difficult situation because we all know we need to win both remaining games if we want to stay in the league. We are also aware that not only depends on us if not what the other teams and that the more we complicate things.

Still, I think we are working very hard and making a great effort to stay in Women's League.
If circumstances prevent eventually it will hit very hard but now we have to have all the expectations placed on keeping.

With respect to our opponents, I think Ferrol has a very strong team. In attack has very good players but we will try to stop them with our defense and win the game behind. There we lost in overtime but at home we have to beat them because we can not lose this opportunity and letting our wonderful audience that comes to encourage and bet for us game after game.

As Salamanca not much to say. It is the only Spanish representative in the Euroleague and the leader of the Women's League. His numbers speak for themselves and will be a very difficult game. Now just think about ourselves and our possibilities. The rest we'll see.

Your move to Campus Promete came when the team was a balance of 0 wins and 7 losses and partly arrival has helped win several games (6 wins and 11 losses since). What your assessment of the season and what have you contributed to the Campus promises in your year back to Spain?

It is true that being a very difficult season and that our staff has noticed quite being a debutante Women's League team.

I also believe that we could be in a better qualifying situation we have now but in turn'm sure the club will have a very bright future in women's league in the not too distant future.

Right now it is difficult but we will not stop fighting or fight as a team because we have not had much luck in games not mean we can not learn from our mistakes and improve.

On a personal level is a great pleasure to return to play in Spain and I am delighted with both the club and the team.

Living this experience again and to share a dressing room with great players and people as they are all my friends is a pleasure. So try to stay together during the two games we have left and try to save.

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