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Adrijana Knezevic: “We will try to win the Queen's Cup”

Adrijana Knezevic is having a solid season with Uni Girona, averaging 8.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and +8.3 efficiency in 24 minutes per game and with her contribution in all the aspects of the game, has become the starting and indispensable guard for Girona.

Uni Girona is enjoying good momentum, winning 5 of their last 6 games, but face a tough opponent in their opening game of the Queen's Cup with a match up against Perfumerías  Avenida.

For Adrijana Knezevic this will be her third time participating in the Queen's Cup, and has already reached the Final twice, in the 2005-06 season playing for Ros Casares Valencia and in the following year, 2006-07, with Perfumerías Avenida.

We speak with her few days before the Queen's Cup starts:

Uni Girona will play the Semifinal of the Spanish Cup against Perfumerías Avenida, a difficult rival as they have an incredible streak of sixteen consecutive wins in Liga Femenina. Furthermore, Salamanca's team add two new players, Alana Beard and Ewelina Kobryn. Adri, what is your impression of Perfumerías Avenida and what are going to be the keys for winning the game?

Perfumerías Avenida is the strongest team in the Queen's Cup so logically, the game will not be easy. Also I know that this competition is so hard for all the teams who play it because you can not lose, you can not have a bad day. The thing that I have very clear is that we will try with all our strength to beat them and to qualifie for the Final.

They have had new signings, but so have we, Chrissy Givens, Italee Lucas and also Artemis Spanou returns from injury, so I think that the game will be evenly matched. The team who plays better on the day will win.

Your team is also having good momentum winning 5 of the last 6 games. Just a week before the start of the Queen's Cup, how is Uni Girona?

Our playing style has improved in the last month because, like I said before, now we have two new players and Artemis is back. Since we combined, we have started to play well and now we feel comfortable on the court. This is the reason that we are having such good results.

I think that if we are totally focused on how we need to play and also we play good collectively, we will have a good Queen's Cup.

You are the starting guard of the Spanish League Champion and the Spanish Supercup Champion and moreover, you are having a complete season helping your team in all the different aspects of the game. How are you feeling on the court and what do you expect for the Queen's Cup?

The truth is that I am feeling much better now than at the beginning of the season, I am feeling more comfortable and I found my space in the team. My role is not just to score, if not I am trying to help my team in everything that I can, especially in defense and rebounds.

At the Queen's Cup I will try to be focused and give everything for my team to try and win the matches.

The Queen's Cup is the last Spanish title missing for your club. What would it mean for you and for Uni Girona to win this title?

Personally winning the Cup would be a great joy because I played many years in Spain and I have never won it. And I have already played two Finals! So, I would like to win it and have another title for my career.

For the club it is also important because they have never won this competition and they come off a great year after winning the league and qualifying for Euroleague. This current year we have already won the Spanish Supercup but I would like to win more titles and repeat a great season for Uni Girona.

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