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Adrianne Ross and Gernika stay in Liga Femenina´s top position

Adrianne Ross is having an amazing start of season with Gernika Bizkaia and with a current balance of 6 wins and just 1 loss she is leading her new team into the Spanish top division first position.

In her second experience in Spain, Adrianne Ross is averaging 12.3 points in 26 minutes per game for Gernika KESB with an excellent 53.7% from the field, 33.3% from the 3 point range and 90% in free throws.

This is Adrianne Ross ninth year as as a professional player in Europe, a long career that includes seasons in some of the best competitions like Poland, Spain or Turkey.

Gernika Bizkaia is having a dream start, standing in Liga Femenina´s top position after seven rounds. This record is historical for the club as they have never been that high in this league and they are sharing this leader position with the two biggest clubs (Perfumerías Avenida and Spar Citylift Uni Girona). What do you think about this start of the season?

I think it is a great start. Although, we are just trying to get better everyday and not focus too much on the standings because this isn't a league that you can get comfortable in.

This is your second season in Spain after averaging 14.7 points with Cadí La Seu in the 2011/12 season. Do you find any differences from the league that you played back then compared to the current one? Do you think that "Spanish League" is competitive?

The league is definitely different from when I played here 3 years ago. I am seeing a lot of new teams and players. However, it is still very competitive and there will be no easy games.

While leading your team from the point guard and shooting guard position, you are also having a good season statistically (12.3 points in 26 minutes per game)  and good shooting percentages (53.7% from the field, 33.3% from the 3 point range and 90% in free throws). How are you feeling on the court?

Individually, I am not satisfied statistically. But I also know that my role as a point guard is different than when I play the 2 position. It's important that I keep that in mind.

My primary focus is to help my team getting better every practice and every game, thinking what i can contribute to maintain this good moment and after this, i think of myself.

You have played in Poland (Inea AZS Poznan, Blachy Pruszynski Lider Pruszkow, Energa Torun, Widzew Lodz and ITS Sleza Wroclaw), in Spain (Cadí la Seu and currently in Gernika Bizkia), in Sweden (Sallen) and in Turkey (Canik Belediyesi), always in first divisions. Which is your favourite league and why?

Poland, Turkey, Sweden and Spain are all great leagues and all very different. I will say that I enjoy the fast-paced play of Spain. I also enjoy all the beautiful cities and the upbeat energy of the Spanish people.

After having so many experiences in different countries, probably your game and even your personality has evolutioned over these years. How do you feel now in comparison to your first years overseas?

I definitely feel more experienced. I realize that I appreciate different things off of the court. For example, I'm more excited to go to museums than to Zara now!

As far as basketball goes, I feel the same as I did when I started playing 22 years ago. I just love competing, and I love the game!

Despite having played already 7 games, you arrived to Spain just 1 month ago. How were your first days in Gernika and how are the club and the supporters treating you so far?

So far so good, here in Gernika. I am from a small town in the USA. For some reason people always assume I'm from a big city. But I actually prefer smaller towns with a family/community atmosphere. That is exactly what Guernika is.

In my first month here, I see that the support is amazing and the club is very professional. After 8 years in the business, that is a major blessing to be a part of!

In the next video you can watch some of Adrianne Ross best actions:

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