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Adotalents videos, the best dominican prospects

Regeneracom Sports, in collaboration with the NGO Pro Mundi Three and Adotalents (Basketball School of the Dominican Republic), is pleased to present the summary of video highlights of the best projects of young players from the Dominican Republic at the time, that mostly occurring in Adotalents.


We have divided the various projects by age, because they are players from competition and young players. For further information and videos, you can click on the player.


Andrés Tezanos Shooting guard  Dominican Republic  1'88 1991 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Eddy García Point Guard  Dominican Republic 1'82 1990 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Gregorio Adón Small Forward  Dominican Republic  1'98 1991 Peixe Galego (U18)
Jose Apolinario Power Forward Dominican Republic 2'08 1988 Monzón (EBA)
Jose Acosta Point Guard  Dominican Republic  1'85 1992 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Jose Enrique Henríquez Point Guard  Dominican Republic  1'78 1992 Peixe Galego (U18)
Jose Miguel Trinidad Small Forward  Dominican Republic  1'99 1992 Peixe Galego (U18)
Júnior Rodríguez Shooting Guard  Dominican Republic 1'96 1990 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Kevin Valdez Small Forward  Dominican Republic  1'92 1991 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Luis Núñez  Point Guard  Dominican Republic  1'79 1991 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Raúl Espinal Shooting Guard  Dominican Republic  2'02 1989 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Ricardo Farreras Power Forward  Dominican Republic 2'05 1989 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Ricky Reinoso Power Forward Dominican Republic  2'03 1990 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)
Yohansi Minaya Combo Guard Dominican Republic  1'85 1991 Peixe Galego (U18)


Ángel Encarnación Center  Dominican Republic  2'06 1986 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)

Reggie Charles Forward  Dominican Republic  2'01 1981 Without team

Juan Pablo Montás  Small Forward  Dominican Republic  1'98 1984 Univ. Cat. Chile (Dimayor)

Sandro Encarnación Power Forward  Dominican Republic  2'03 1986 Adotalents (Dominican Republic)

Adotalents (Dominican Republic Basketball School) in 2008

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