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31 points and 9 rebounds for Breanne Watson and 23 and 8 for Sarah Hayes

The canadian Breanne Watson had a great debut with her new team, the CAB Madeira in Portugal by defeating game as a visitor to the disputed Uniao Madeira by 76 to 51.


Breanne contributed 31 points and 9 rebounds in the victory of the CAB Madeira for a total of four wins and has only two defeats in the classification with the unbeaten Boa Viagem and Olivais Coimbra.

Thus, very good debut Breanne which will certainly continue signing performances at this level.

Another player Regeneracom which starts this past weekend was Sarah Hayes.

Sarah returned to USC Freiburg, where he shone team the previous two seasons and going through a complicated time in the German first division with just one victory for seven defeats.

The party of its debut the Wildcats faced the Wolfenbüttel, with players like Anita TEILĀNE or Nica GEMO in their ranks.

The performance of Sarah Hayes was excellent, with virtually no notice the lack of natural coupling for scarce days after his arrival and managed to score 23 points (with 2 / 3 triples) and capture 8 rebounds, leading alongside the Bosnian Mirna Paunovic to USC Freiburg for their second victory in the competition.

Sarah Hayes until Christmas to help USC Freiburg climb in the ranking, to be available from then to join another good team.

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